Sunday, December 24, 2006

Shadow's "Night Before Christmas"

'Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Not a silouette was moving,
Not even the mouse.

Shadow had been eyeing packages
Under the tree,
Crafty color-wrapped presents
In shades of red and green.

He could smell the bacon, chicken and beef
Flavored treats.
"Oh boy, I'm ready to snack on those goodies
Bundled beneath the overgrown tree."

With a lick of his lips,
Shadow thought he heard something,
Swiftly shutting his eyes,
In case it was Santa coming.

Shadow heard the sound of large
Harley Motorcycle boots shuffling across floor,
With one eye half open,
He crept around the door.

"Is it Santa?"
Shadow thought to himself,
Hoping mom's milk and cookies
Were still there on the shelf.

"Oh drat, no it's not,"
Shadow could tell this big jolly giant wasn't dressed all in red,
No white bearded whiskers,
Just my big denim Dad.

And after another set of gifts were fixed
Beneath the tree,
Dad scooped me up in his arms,
To share the last vanilla frosted cookie.

Happy Holidays (peace on Earth) and
Merry Christmas to All.
Good will to all of my peeps.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

My best friend Kesey got the Secret Paws that I sent!

I'm waggin' my tail right now because I found out that my best friend Kesey got the Secret Paws package that I sent to him. There's a lot of great stuff inside. I followed the directions very carefully and made sure that I got all of his favorite things!

Kesey ... Have a furry great Christmas! Enjoy all of those Secret Paws goodies!
Your best friend,
Shadow Saluki

Sunday, December 3, 2006

A Christmas Wish ... Please help, if you are able!

Loyal readers:
My cousin DaisyMae Maus (of DaisyMae Maus and the Feline Americans blog) posted this message in hopes of helping her good feline friend Libby Marie who is having a very rough time. Since it's the holidays, and in the spirit of "goodwill toward all," I'm reprinting the message here on my blog in hopes of reaching the woofie community and generating more help for Libby Marie.
Thank you for your attention ...
Shadow Saluki

Here's the message in its entirity:

Hey Efurrybody! Here's a great opportunity to spread a little Christmas cheer to a fellow member of the blogosphere!

Our good friend Libby Marie needs lots of help to pay her mounting V-E-T bills since she's been diagnosed with leukemia. Her mama and papa are offering to light candles in memory and/or in honor of cats and dogs (alive or at the Rainbow Bridge).

Mom let me send a check to help Miss Libby and you can, too. Just visit Libby Marie's blog to find out the address and the details. Miss Libby's parents will light a candle for every dollar that you send. We have lots of Feline Americans (and others, including our Uncle Rich) who have passed on, so we sent every cent left in Charmee's piggy bank.

Thanks for caring and best wishes to you!
DaisyMae Maus and the Feline Americans

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm backkkkkk! (This is for all of you ... post here if ya wanna get lucky! :)

Greetings to All in the blogosphere ... (To all my friendly peeps who've been visiting and sharing their words of wisdom with me). Thank you!!

You all mean a lot to this humble k9 roving reporter. My humies (ya know, "humans") have been pretty busy this week, so dad and mom haven't helped me into my booster computer chair (and they neglected to spell check my paw scratches). I'm starting a wishlist ... #1, Shadow needs a P.D.A. so that I can update my blog at my convenience.

I know I'm dreaming ... but it would sure make it easier for me to get connected on a daily basis. Or maybe Dad could let me use his "blue tooth" phone so that I could bark my thoughts to him while he's at work. Oh well, I'm still shackled to my mini-notepad. I look like the old reporters with the "press" hats and the pint-sized 3x5 card pads-of-paper ... except I haven't acquired an offical press hat yet, so maybe that should be wish #dos (Yes, Shadow's a little bilingual ... uh, that's 2 for those not in the know. Grins and chuckles).

I do admire the journalists, especially the advice column officianados. Luckily, I get to mimic them here, on the blogosphere. My principle mantra is "Believe in yourself." Many humies have said it, and I'm sure us aminals .. (Sorry typed a little dyslexic there .. *grinning because I can spell that word, and I know what it is, too*) believe it more than them.

So, believe in yourself, peeps! Because I do. If the governmental numb-skulls would quit playing in the sandbox trying to grab all the oil with their greedy mitts, and started getting "more" environmentally conscious ... like us (and I mean that as a sincere hug to all my blogging buddies out there. You guys and gals ... and affectionate "its" for those who like that affirmation), are promoting such warmth that President Bushie should take notice. We vote with our hearts and we get things done.

... Shadow slips off of his soapbox, smiling bashfully in a mock Urkle "Did I do that?"

It's that time of season. Snowflakes are spinning in the wind, swirling around the week, ready for the grand birthday to come. I'm a spiritual kind of Saluki, which reminds me of Wish #3. World peace!

I've had my rabies shots, and I'm not a carrier of bird-flu or madcow ... just the victim of a semi-frequent runny nose.

Dang... I must run, folks ... Dad wants a walkie. I hope to come back to this rambling, and add to it soon ... I was feeling sort of "into the moment," as it were.

Visit my blog often, peeps. (Maybe give me a squeeze, and let me know if I should continue this rant, or scrap the soapbox). My intention of this post, was to give everyone that wants to, a post for you all to comment on ... specifically for you. "I'm backkkkk!" was meant to be somewhat funny, kind of a postcard of sorts where y'all can drop notes to me...or maybe just give me happy tickles here on this very post.

And I'll respond back in kind.

Hear dad shaking the leash, and my head is saying "Oh boy, oh goodie..." but one last thing before I sign off ... I'm gonna have to make a "I'm visiting" post soon, too ... and say where I'm exploring, namely other blogs and such, of peeps I think are the shizzle-nittle (Was going to bite Snoop's "Shiz-nit" but that's so 5 barks ago). Snoop used that phrase as an endearment ... and I am too. I'm amazed that blogging and commenting can seem so omnipresent. Wow.

Thank you.

P.s. I hope I didn't scare anybody. Shadow gets a little fruit-cakie when his bladder hasn't been relieved. Now I have to go meet and greet the neighborhood bushes and trees.



See ya.

Shadow, C to the A to the T, all covered in smoochies.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Props to my Mom and my Auntie!

Here's a humble "Shout Out" to my super Mom, and my super auntie.

My mom takes zillions of pix of me for Pixel Princess Creations (Her custom photo company ... that's still in the start-up phase of production). When she's not capturing images of the community (flowers, mountains, beaches, etc), she's having me pose for her.

I'm usually her muse ... and I have no problem sitting for her digi-cam. She always makes me look good.

Big smoochies for mama.

My auntie (DaisyMaeMaus and the Feline Americans' mom) also takes pix of me too ... so here's some big smoochies for her.

Smoochies all around.

Shadow Saluki, Canine-About-Town

Want The Whole Story?

Here's my GOTCHA piece.

Two years ago, on a cloudy Saturday in November (the 20th, to be exact), I was a sad eyed silent Saluki named Shadow, yearning for a new home. Amid the howls and growls, and the occasional meows and hisses ... I waited for my new parents.

I had been in foster care for several years, roaming from home to home ... and yes, I'd been returned to four animal shelters since my previous owners didn't love me forever, I guess.

I don't wish anything bad on any of my past parents, because I only vaguely remember them ... and had I not been in that shelter on that great cloudy day, November 20th, 2004, I'd have missed out on the loving home my new parents had waiting for me.

The folks at the El Cajon Animal Shelter (which I've affectionately named puppy prison) took very good care of me.

They knew I suffered from anxiety, abandonment issues, and that I need loads of attention, so they made a very long list to ask my potential parents, wanting to make sure that I went home with the very best candidates.

They jotted down my likes and dislikes, and since I'm a mid-sized dog ... they made a note that I'd need a big yard to play in.

I was given the requisite battery of shots at the El Cajon Animal Shelter, and I'm happy to say that I don't carry any diseases or anything bad. I'm even micro-chipped, so Mom and Dad can find me ... if I should ever get lost.

Mom and Dad told me that they'd been thinking about adopting a four-legged friend for weeks, before they traveled outside San Diego to come get me. They had ideas of what they were looking for ... but as they visited each shelter, and heard the sadness of all the friendlies hoping for homes ... they continued to look. (Personally, I know if my mom and dad could have, they would have adopted every pet from every shelter ... since that's just the way they are).

My parents went to a number of shelters, from San Diego to Chula Vista and finally came to El Cajon, where I was waiting patiently in the office, with my paws and nose on the swinging knee-high-counter-door, watching the warden and clerks at the Shelter conduct business.

Mom and dad popped into the office around lunch-time, and I gave them a big toothy grin.

"That's a really cool doggie," Mom had said, and dad just smiled. I'm sure they thought I was already owned by one of the people working at the shelter. Boy, were they in for a surpise when they went by my empty kennel outside the office. I had the cell at the very end of the place ... the last cell on the left.

A Polariod of me sitting pretty with a big toothy grin, was the only furnishing in my cage. The warden knew that I didn't like being by myself, so she kept me in the office where it was nice and warm. There was a big fluffy white cat lounging on a computer chair who I signed a treaty with. I wouldn't bark at her, if she wouldn't claw and hiss at me. It was an easy deal that we both shook on.

Mom and dad left the office after speaking with the warden ... and they roamed the aisles of the shelter, looking for someone to share their home with. I was sad when they left, but I was super happy when they returned.

"We saw a photograph of Shadow out in the kennels. On the photo, it said we could take him home today. I'd like to see his papers please," Dad said, smiling at me and at the women in the office. He was holding mom's hand gently and they were both looking at me.

"Don't bark, Shadow," I told myself, and reminded myself to be on my very best behavior. I crossed my paws hoping that they'd be the ones to claim me for their own.

At first, the warden gave them the third degree ... as she didn't want me to be returned the day after if my new mom and dad didn't like me.

"Shadow's a sensitive dog, and doesn't like being left alone. He needs a big yard. Do you have one?" The warden asked my parents and their smiles grew.

"Yes, we have a big yard, and he'll have lots of things to sniff and play with," my mom said, but the warden didn't seem ready to let me go, yet.

So my dad added, "The picture did say he could come home today. We have a big yard, a stable home, and a small family community that he'll be welcomed into," and told the lady that even though dad works days at school, mom is always home. I watched my parents' smiles grow, and their eyes sparkled ... just like mine. The warden melted.

Mom and dad signed the papers, and then dad offered me a brand new purple collar and leash. I climbed into my parents' truck, sitting on mom's lap and away we went ...

And now I'm home!

Much love to my mom and dad,
Shadow Saluki, Canine-About-Town

To all the pound puppies and kennel kitties out there (my thoughts and heart are with you)... stay hopeful, brave, and vigilant. Your moms and dads will find you, and you'll be loved forever, like me.

Stay strong peeps!

Shadow's Theme

by ShadowSaluki, Canine-About-Town (with three cheers to the Brady Bunch TV show)

Here's a story,
Of a handsome mid-sized Saluki
Who was living in an El Cajon animal shelter (by himself)
His kennel was empty,
Save for a photo,
He was in the front office, (hoping to be adopted).

It's the story,
Of a couple named James and Lori,
Who were hoping to adopt a furry friend
They were a delightful fun-loving pair
Living all together
But they were still alone

'Til one day when the lady had an idea
"Honey, let's add on to the family, please"
They checked out all the adoption agencies,
And found that Saluki photo ... (signed papers, and brought Shadow home)
Now Shadow's Ours
Now Shadow's Ours
And we feel very much complete.

Ode to No More Left-Over Turkey!

by Shadow Saluki (a tribute to DaisyMae's Ode To Left-Over Turkey)

Left-over turkey: It still digests in my belly,
Oh, left-over turkey: I can no longer smell ye!
There's no more turkey in the fridge to take,
With no more left-over turkey, double stack sandwiches I can't make.
Left-over turkey, I want some on my plate,
But having left-over turkey on Sunday is too late.
I miss you, tasty left-over turkey, you were a blessing in disguise.
My left-over turkey was a darling treat for my eyes.
Oh left-over turkey, for you I still pine,
The last piece of turkey was planned to be mine.
What's this? Mom fished out a piece? Sad eyes, don't fail me now.
For that last piece of turkey, the best piece of turkey, it's time to howl!!!

Thanks Mom.

To see the Ode to Left-Over Turkey by DaisyMae Maus, go to DaisyMaeMaus and the Feline Americans

Saturday, November 25, 2006

A "Shout Out" to my peeps!

It's time to howl folks. My blog's been up for a bit now, and I hope that I haven't ruffled any fur or feathers.

To all on my "favorite bloggers list" ... Hello and welcome.

DaisyMae Maus may be a meow, but to me she's definitely "got game". Without her advice and prodding, I'd be missing out on a glorious way to make friends while still keeping a daily journal. She forgot to mention it was a brilliant stress reliever too.

Please feel free to drop posts, emails, or just lurk around (all breeds and species included). Just remember that I'm not edible.

Here's a very warm "Thank you" to Brandi, Frisky, Suzanne & Benjamin, Rosie & Cheeto, and of course DaisyMae Maus and the Feline Americans. Smoochies for the comments.

Keep your tails waggin' and your muzzles in the air!

If I haven't popped in on your blogs yet ... I'll be coming soon... and I'll be gentle. So no worries.

This is my happy face!

Greetings to all. You guessed it. This is my bestest happy face.

Notice how I'm wearing a purple harness and leash, yet I'm still collared with blue.

No problemo. The photo's an old one from over a year ago. Dad recently upgraded me (my birthday was Nov 20th, you know) to burn-rubber blue.

The photo still shows me at my finest ... hammin' for mom's digi-cam.

If you're wonderin', like many do, who's behind the cam in 99.9% of the pix I'm in ... yep, it's my wonderful mom. She's incredible with the digi-cam. I mean, who else can get me in the mood, and she always captures my best side (basically, any side of me is my best side).

C.A.T. and Felines

Yes, I've been pondering again. When mom and dad are visiting with folks, and I'm at home on guard duty, I have lots of time to think. As many probably already know, I'm a dog ... but to some, I'm considered feline-challenged. I've got nothing against the other species, other than wishing them all a daily manicure. I accept the hissing and the flaring hackles that make a furry into a fluff ball ... although it makes me want to slurp them to pieces rather than eat 'em up.

Thus, I've come to the conclusion that I must be a C.A.T. too! That's a Canine-About-Town, which means I now possess a CAT-card that lets me get near enough to them for some of the family visits (I still keep my distance 'though ... and dad's good at blocking for me so that I don't get clawed).

My cousins don't mob me when I'm "visiting". At first, I thought they were going to grab pitchforks and clubs when they saw me parade into my grandparents' home with mom and dad in tow. They hissed and were getting ready to box with me, but dad had me keep my distance. I still looked pretty tough, you know.

You can usually find my cousins lounging on the headrests on all of the furniture in my grandparents' livingroom ... and Mr. Cocoa Puff has spread his wideness across the dining room table watching me and the rest of the Feline Americans perform "growl and hiss" entertainment.

The first time they let me visit, I thought Mr. C was an entreƩ and I was getting ready to grab a knife and fork, but mom caught me before I could take a taste, and said "No, Shadow. Be nice or we're taking you home!" I knew not to test the waters, so I made a mental note: "Don't eat the cousins" and I behaved myself as best I could.

I have "hunting dog" in me, somewhere, but realized that they had sheer numbers on me (6 to 1). My best bud Lucky Charmz was the only kitty who didn't give me the cold-shoulder/gruff treatment. I just need to be careful that I don't get too boisterous on visits, or I'll be banished to the front porch tether again.

Through future visits, I learned that Lucky Charmz is fickle (and a MAJOR tease), and he'll jump ship to his kind if he gets himself in a scrape and needs his home slices' help. I promised mom and dad that I would never hold a grudge against my cousins (and that includes Benedict Charmz).

I'm sleepin'!

Does the phrase "Don't bother me, I'm sleeping" ring a bell?

Well, if you're like my mom and dad ... it means something. But then again, I hear them talk all the time about precious moments and life being too fleeting to let a "Kodak moment" pass by.

I can hear mom snapping the 'capture' button on her digital cam, but I'm not going to open my eyes ... yet. I was sprinting through a field of dreams, inhaling the invigorating smell of freedom. What a rush it is, and I feel that way every time I'm with mom and dad ... whether I have my collar on ... or I'm free-neckin' it.

Thank the lord of the woofies, I have a great mom and dad, and an awesome family.

Sleepin' In On A Saturday Morn!

My mom and dad gave me a great big treat yesterday (Yep, I'm talking about walkies in the morning, cruisin' around the city, more walkies in the evening, and then a late night beach cruise) and my birthday was last week ... so I must have been a really good boy to deserve all the exploration around town.

Boy, was I bushed by the time they brought me home! One worn-out Saluki was I, and my parents let me watch "Friday Night SmackDown" with them before I fell asleep.

Mom put me to bed, since dad's legs were numb (from having me resting on them) and he couldn't get off the bed to do the honors.

Friday, November 24, 2006


Yep, I'm totally chillin' here. My mom and dad took me for a long walkie, and after I conducted lots and lots of "business" in the neighborhood, I'm very pleased to catch a quick nap.

DIBS: I've got shotgun!

Yep, I called it first, so I got the "shotgun" position and mom had to ride in the back.

She didn't mind too much since she had the camera.

Dad, of course, was driving ... and like me, had his head out the window slurping up all of the neighborhood smells (or at least that's what I'd like to think since we're so similar).

We were heading to one of my favorite places (no, not the drive-thru at McDonald's ... although that rates pretty high on the "Shadow-meter") ... we were going to the park for some walkies.

Bye for now!

Shadow Saluki, Canine-About-Town

Do these goggles make me look fat?

Sometimes a guy just has to dress up and wave his freak flag around for all to see. My mom and dad understand this and allow me to experiment. Here's a photo of me being a diva (divo??) ... I'm wearin' my "doggles" and hanging out under an umbrella so that I don't get too terribly tanned. Mom claims that I look like a French Contessa ... Doesn't she realize that I'm a BOY??

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Look at me! I have my very own blog!

After listening to my Cousin DaisyMae Maus's blatherings about "blog this" and "blog that," I got totally fed up!

I had to get myself on the internet so that I could at least tell my side of the story (and show off some of the great things I get to see and do since I'm NOT on house-arrest ... Oh, alright ... restricted to the house).

So, here I am as a new member of the blogosphere ... And I've got A LOT of catching up to do!

I raided DaisyMae's cache of photographs for some of me and my dad at Hallowe'en 2006:

Here I am modeling my shark costume.
In my opinion, if you're gonna be a shark, be a GREAT WHITE!

Here I am again ... bein' a shark. That's my dad ... We're pals!