Saturday, November 25, 2006

C.A.T. and Felines

Yes, I've been pondering again. When mom and dad are visiting with folks, and I'm at home on guard duty, I have lots of time to think. As many probably already know, I'm a dog ... but to some, I'm considered feline-challenged. I've got nothing against the other species, other than wishing them all a daily manicure. I accept the hissing and the flaring hackles that make a furry into a fluff ball ... although it makes me want to slurp them to pieces rather than eat 'em up.

Thus, I've come to the conclusion that I must be a C.A.T. too! That's a Canine-About-Town, which means I now possess a CAT-card that lets me get near enough to them for some of the family visits (I still keep my distance 'though ... and dad's good at blocking for me so that I don't get clawed).

My cousins don't mob me when I'm "visiting". At first, I thought they were going to grab pitchforks and clubs when they saw me parade into my grandparents' home with mom and dad in tow. They hissed and were getting ready to box with me, but dad had me keep my distance. I still looked pretty tough, you know.

You can usually find my cousins lounging on the headrests on all of the furniture in my grandparents' livingroom ... and Mr. Cocoa Puff has spread his wideness across the dining room table watching me and the rest of the Feline Americans perform "growl and hiss" entertainment.

The first time they let me visit, I thought Mr. C was an entreé and I was getting ready to grab a knife and fork, but mom caught me before I could take a taste, and said "No, Shadow. Be nice or we're taking you home!" I knew not to test the waters, so I made a mental note: "Don't eat the cousins" and I behaved myself as best I could.

I have "hunting dog" in me, somewhere, but realized that they had sheer numbers on me (6 to 1). My best bud Lucky Charmz was the only kitty who didn't give me the cold-shoulder/gruff treatment. I just need to be careful that I don't get too boisterous on visits, or I'll be banished to the front porch tether again.

Through future visits, I learned that Lucky Charmz is fickle (and a MAJOR tease), and he'll jump ship to his kind if he gets himself in a scrape and needs his home slices' help. I promised mom and dad that I would never hold a grudge against my cousins (and that includes Benedict Charmz).


brandi said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. I hear you are a nice woofie. My name is brandi, and I am a nice feline. As soon as my mama can, she will linkie to your blog (you will be our first woofie link!) and tell everyone about you.

Frisky said...

Just stopping in to day HI

tonis_got_webbed_feet said...

Suzanne says to tell you that, while she can tell you're quite the C.A.T., she's not sure what she would do if you came to visit. Still, she does send her greetings to you, her cousin! (it's a little difficult to tell the degree, and she refuses to explain it to me. 1st cousins, once removed?)

Shadow Saluki said...

Hi Brandi, Frisky and Suzanne. Welcome to my humble page. I am very glad to have your posts. Thank you all so much.

My cousin DaisyMae said bloggin' would be fun and addictive.

Once you start ... you're now the energizer-bunny (she had a better quip for it, but I think the white rabbit and the pink drum blastin' across the tube screen covers it).

I am a pretty nice woofie, although I still have my scoundrel moments. No worries for you, as I've been keeping my rascally self in check.

Shadow Saluki said...

Hi Suzanne. First cousins or last cousins ... doesn't really matter to me. Family's Family in my book, whether still related or not.

As the saying goes, "My bark is worse than my bite," and my dad's the best when it comes to keeping me in line.

I promise not to nibble (except on real snacks) if I come for a visit ... since mom and dad would be obligated to bring me along.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Hi Shadow...Daisy sent us ovur. We dont have many dawg frends so it's nice to meet yoo. Yoo can be an honurary C.A.T. cause yer obviouslie cul and decided not to eat us. (gud mental note).

Well stop by often...and be sure to stop by othur blogs and introduce yerself in thare comments that way they know to visit yoo!!

Yer Frends, Rosie and Cheeto

Shadow Saluki said...

Thanks Rosie and Cheeto. Daisy's a cool one, and you guys sound pretty cool too.

I had tried posting on your page ... a comment about your Lady being lucky for going to Dublin, Ireland. (I'm so envious. That place is beautiful, and I'd spend all my time turning tree-bark yellow).

I'll give it another try tomorrow ... right now I hear dad's lap a callin' me.

Take care.

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