Saturday, November 25, 2006

This is my happy face!

Greetings to all. You guessed it. This is my bestest happy face.

Notice how I'm wearing a purple harness and leash, yet I'm still collared with blue.

No problemo. The photo's an old one from over a year ago. Dad recently upgraded me (my birthday was Nov 20th, you know) to burn-rubber blue.

The photo still shows me at my finest ... hammin' for mom's digi-cam.

If you're wonderin', like many do, who's behind the cam in 99.9% of the pix I'm in ... yep, it's my wonderful mom. She's incredible with the digi-cam. I mean, who else can get me in the mood, and she always captures my best side (basically, any side of me is my best side).

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