Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers' Day, Dad!

Since it's Fathers' Day, I wanna give a shout-out to my dad!

I love my dad furry much 'cuz he does stuff with me! We go for walks and we go out for breakfast with Grandad (Happy Fathers' Day, Grandad!) each weekend (followed by a nice, long walk at the Tijuana Estuary 'cuz heavy meals make me hafta go A LOT!).

Dad lets me wear my Doggles® when we go for rides in the car ... Vroom, vroom! He rolls down the windows so that I can sniff and feel the breeze. Plus, he doesn't get mad if I bark at passing motorcycles or kids on bikes ... He just says, "Shaaa-ddddooowww. C'mon. No barking."

When Mom wants me to wear one of the "cutesy" bandanas that my auntie made for me, Dad gets out the one with pirates ... or skulls ... or Harley-Davidson instead.

My dad is the best. He's my favorite guy in the whole wide world and I wouldn't change him for anything.

Happy Fathers' Day, Daddy!

Shadow Saluki

Oh, and I wanna wish a Happy Fathers' Day to the dads of all of my furriends in the blogosphere! Do something "manly" with your dad today like watchin' MONSTER TRUCKS or wrasslin' ... Or maybe just belch a lot when you eat some nachos or Buffalo wings ... Or maybe you could grill somethin' ... I dunno! Just do something manly!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cousin Suzanne is furry sick ...

My Cousin Suzanne is furry sick and her momma is strugglin' with a really hard decision. Please pray for Suzanne's health and for strength for my auntie.
Thanks for caring,
Shadow Saluki

Monday, June 4, 2007

Seven Random Facts About Me!

Riley and Tiki (and probably Kesey, too) tagged me for the "Seven Random Facts" meme ... I guess it was just what I needed to get my buns in gear and blog a post or two.

1. When Mom and Dad finally 'dopted me, I had been returned to the El Cajon Animal Shelter about four times. My days were definitely numbered.

2. I have serious separation anxiety.

3. Thanks to my auntie (DaisyMae's mom), I have tons of fashionable bandanas to wear with my Doggles® when I go out for a drive.

4. I've tried to eat Lucky Charmz ... No, not the cereal! My cousin!

5. On Christmas Eve 2004, I tried to escape and find my Mom/Dad by jumpin' out of the bedroom window. They ... thankfully ... found me up the street talkin' to woofies through the fence.

6. I'm super noisy in the car. I make keening noises for the entire trip unless someone buys me an ice cream cone at McDonalds. Then I snarf down the ice cream and slime the cone ... and resume keening. It really bugs my auntie, so she turns up the stereo.

7. I failed obedience school 'cuz they were unable to break me of barking at kids and lunging at bicycles/motorcycles.

Okay ... Enough embarrassin' things about me! Gosh ... this is so humiliating!

Shadow Saluki