Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Night Before Turkey ...

The Night Before Turkey,
and all through the house ...
Mom and Grandma are cookin'
and I'm buggin' about.

My sniffer's on overload
There's food to be smelled,
I can't help it if Turkey-Day's
only a day away.

By golly I need food
or I'll just melt away.
Turkey, and gravy
Mashed potatoes
Carrots and corn
And another growl from my belly.

Mom's got side dishes galore,
and all they're preparing,
Right now for me?
Hmmmmm ... just dad's favorite
KeyLimePie yogurt, and a Mary-Chino Cherry.

--- Don't I look nifty sportin' my muzzle and ball-cap? Dad took me to a local ballgame, and I got to watch two teams of kids smash each other on a football field.
And peeps in the stands didn't "shush" me when I started to bark at the ref.

Matter-of-fact, I got "high fives" from the peeps behind Dad and me ... and some dude Dad knows gave me half of his ballpark Frank. MMMMmmmmm, half of a chilidog is better than none, you know. I gave him a big mustard and ketchup grin, and a big kiss.

You know, I almost jumped onto the field to bite the ref for another "bad call", but Dad kept me tethered. Shucks!

Better luck next time.

Shadow, C-A-T!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's My Birthday, and I'm going to party like it's my Birthday!

With a woofish "Shout-out" to all of my woofies and meowies ... (and barkies and purries, too ... as well as the rabbies and mousies, fishies, and lizzies ... even the snakies that give me the willies) Three cheers to me ... I'm Five (or at least, that's how old "Mom & Dad" think I is)... but 'tiz my third anniversary with my peeps "Mom and Dad", so all is very, very well.

Thank you all for all the Birthday well-wishing. Much appreciated.

May your Thanksgiving and Birthdays be as memorable and life-affirming as mine.
Woof! Woof!

Shadow, still a Canine-About-Town.

P.S. (A furry friend of mine said P.S. meant passionate kisses, but that'd be P.K., so I think I'll state for the record, p.s. means "please stay" and read some more).

The snaps on this post were taken by "Mom" while at a Church function. My mom and dad are pretty helpful at their Church, and during the yardsale I got to kibbitz to my heart's content. Lots of peeps came by to tickle my chin and give me oodles of pets and kisses. Wow! That was so awesome. With my muzzle on, and Dad's cap to keep the scorchin' sunshine at bay, I watched from the backend of Grandma V's truck. Grandma V. is my mom's Mom, and I gave her a bunch of kisses before the snaps ... 'cuz she let me claw around in the back of her truck, with my little tootzies.

Don't I look cute?

You betcha.

Peace and Happiness to all.
Shadow, C-A-T

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Vote for me!

I'm entered in the "World's Coolest Dog & Cat Show" in the SMILES & GRINS category ...

If you get a chance, stop by an' vote for me! You can click the link below an' it will take you right to my entry page. Raise yer paw for Shadow Saluki ... okay??

Please vote for Shadow at The 3rd Annual World’s Coolest Dog & Cat Show

VOTE for Shadow in The 3rd Annual World’s Coolest Dog & Cat Show!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Holiday Secret Paws is HERE!

Hi efurryone! I've been off-line for awhile (yeah, I know ... Six months is a long, long time not to be bloggin' or visitin' anyone) ... My dad's pretty busy with his substitute teaching.

Anyway, I wanted to mention that I just got signed up to paw-ticipate in Holiday Secret Paws again this year an' I wanted to remind efurry woofie, cat, bun, rat ... in fact, EFURRY member of the blogosphere to stop by Diva Kitty an' the Fluffies bloggie to get signed up, too!

Secret Paws is really fun. Last year, I got Kesey as my Paw an' I got him some really nice stuff for his Paw Package including a nifty bandana to wear. An' I got a Paw Package, too! It had treats an' toys inside. It was nifty to get a package in the mail that was just for me.

If you're interested, all you have to do is visit the Holiday Secret Paws link for the details an' then send an email to Diva Kitty an' the Fluffies' mom at with your name, address, and preferences.

I'm already signed up! You should get signed up, too!

Shadow Saluki

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers' Day, Dad!

Since it's Fathers' Day, I wanna give a shout-out to my dad!

I love my dad furry much 'cuz he does stuff with me! We go for walks and we go out for breakfast with Grandad (Happy Fathers' Day, Grandad!) each weekend (followed by a nice, long walk at the Tijuana Estuary 'cuz heavy meals make me hafta go A LOT!).

Dad lets me wear my Doggles® when we go for rides in the car ... Vroom, vroom! He rolls down the windows so that I can sniff and feel the breeze. Plus, he doesn't get mad if I bark at passing motorcycles or kids on bikes ... He just says, "Shaaa-ddddooowww. C'mon. No barking."

When Mom wants me to wear one of the "cutesy" bandanas that my auntie made for me, Dad gets out the one with pirates ... or skulls ... or Harley-Davidson instead.

My dad is the best. He's my favorite guy in the whole wide world and I wouldn't change him for anything.

Happy Fathers' Day, Daddy!

Shadow Saluki

Oh, and I wanna wish a Happy Fathers' Day to the dads of all of my furriends in the blogosphere! Do something "manly" with your dad today like watchin' MONSTER TRUCKS or wrasslin' ... Or maybe just belch a lot when you eat some nachos or Buffalo wings ... Or maybe you could grill somethin' ... I dunno! Just do something manly!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cousin Suzanne is furry sick ...

My Cousin Suzanne is furry sick and her momma is strugglin' with a really hard decision. Please pray for Suzanne's health and for strength for my auntie.
Thanks for caring,
Shadow Saluki

Monday, June 4, 2007

Seven Random Facts About Me!

Riley and Tiki (and probably Kesey, too) tagged me for the "Seven Random Facts" meme ... I guess it was just what I needed to get my buns in gear and blog a post or two.

1. When Mom and Dad finally 'dopted me, I had been returned to the El Cajon Animal Shelter about four times. My days were definitely numbered.

2. I have serious separation anxiety.

3. Thanks to my auntie (DaisyMae's mom), I have tons of fashionable bandanas to wear with my Doggles® when I go out for a drive.

4. I've tried to eat Lucky Charmz ... No, not the cereal! My cousin!

5. On Christmas Eve 2004, I tried to escape and find my Mom/Dad by jumpin' out of the bedroom window. They ... thankfully ... found me up the street talkin' to woofies through the fence.

6. I'm super noisy in the car. I make keening noises for the entire trip unless someone buys me an ice cream cone at McDonalds. Then I snarf down the ice cream and slime the cone ... and resume keening. It really bugs my auntie, so she turns up the stereo.

7. I failed obedience school 'cuz they were unable to break me of barking at kids and lunging at bicycles/motorcycles.

Okay ... Enough embarrassin' things about me! Gosh ... this is so humiliating!

Shadow Saluki

Friday, February 2, 2007

My Fambly ... Mommy, Daddy, and ME!

Friday's Feast #4

Appetizer: What was one of the fashion fads when you were a teenager?

I'm four years old ... I guess that makes me about twenty-eight in dog years ... Let's see. Back when I was a teenager? Um. I guess it would have to be something like studded dog collars or something? Yeah. I guess I'd have to say the "punk rock look" that hasn't really gone away, has it? Kinda counter-culture and what not?

Soup: Name one thing you think people assume about you when they first meet you.

Oh ... They assume that I'm approachable and pettable ... Then they get too close and I unleash my MEGA-bark! Oof oof oofffff! Yep. That gets 'em to back off!

Salad: On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how hard do you work?

On walkies, I give it a ten. At home, I'm sacked out on the floor until wrestling comes on television. I'll split the difference and rate myself a solid 'five.'

Main Course: If you were given a free 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl to sell anything you currently own, what would you advertise?

I'd advertise those blue bags that my family uses when they take me on walkies ... I guess they're called "Bags on Board" ... I tell ya, I use a TON of 'em ... My dad should by stock in the company the way I poop up the place.


Fill in the blank: I love to __sniff a telephone pole__ when it is __freshly peed upon by another dog ... My Aunt Montie says that I'm "readin' my mail"__.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday's Feast #3

If you could take lessons to learn any musical instrument, which would you want to learn?
BANJO! Oooo ... I'd be so good at playin' the banjo. There's even a banjo-makin' place here in Spring Valley (Deering Banjo Company - 3733 Kenora Dr. Spring Valley, CA 91977) ... that was featured on an episode of Reader's Digest presents Made in America hosted by John Ratzenberger. I'd be an awesome banjo player. Hmmm ... That's got me to thinkin': If a guitar player's called a guitarist, what's a banjo player called?

Have you ever mistaken a person for someone else?
Yep. I'm ashamed to say that I once mistook another person for my auntie and tried to get into her car with her at the dog park. The woman was pretty freaked out. I'd guess that she's stopped screamin' by now ... I hope.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how well do you keep secrets?
I suck at secret-keeping. A pat on the head or a Greenie® and the beans are spilled.

Main Course
What's the closest you've ever been to a dangerous animal?
Um. I'm a dog with some serious teeth, but Lucky Charmz kicked my butt once. That kitty's got some claws and I got on the business end of two of 'em ... so, I'd say that I've been "up close and personal" with a dangerous animal.

When was the last time you lost your patience?
Gosh. How embarrassing. The last time I lost my patience, I also lost my house-trainin' ... if you catch my drift.

I'm BANANAS for bandanas!

By popular demand ... Here are a couple of shots of ME wearing one of my favorite bandanas made by my favorite auntie. Since I'm such a good-lookin' guy ... I've been called a "hottie" at the beach and on (well, around) the golf course, my auntie made me a chili pepper bandana that declares that I'm "HOT!"

My auntie made me lots and lots of bandanas, so I'll try to take some high fashion model type shots and get 'em up here on my bloggie for all of you to investigate. Perhaps when I get enough posts on my bloggie, I'll have a contest with a terrific bandana for a prize! Sound good? Let me have your feedback ... My auntie's even made some tiny ones that looked pretty cute on my cousins, the Feline Americans.

Later dudes (and dude-ettes)!
Shadow Saluki

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Secret Paw: Kesey!

Hey, efurryone! Kesey finally posted some photos of himself openin' the package that I sent him for Secret Paws back at Christmastime!

Here he is modelin' the pink bandanna that my auntie, DaisyMae Maus's mom, made for him. He really likes pink like my best friend Skeezix the Cat!

Doesn't Kesey look furry wonderful in his bandanna? He's a good-lookin' woofie (like me!).

I can't wait until Diva Kitty and the Fluffies start signin' us up for another Secret Paws sometime in March. I ... CAN'T ... WAIT!

Oh, speakin' of bandannas ... my auntie sewed me two new ones. One is blue and has paw prints all over it and the other one is my pirate bandanna: It has skulls on a black background. I look ... dangerous. Bwah, ha, ha!

Shadow Saluki

Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Feast #2

Which television shows do you just refuse to miss?
I watch "Friday Night Smackdown" and other wrestling shows with Mom and Dad. When they're not looking, though, I like to watch the DIY Channel's "Barkitecture" program to get yard-furnishing ideas and see what's up in the world of canine design.

Who did you last speak to on the telephone?
Hmmm ... I barked at grandma on the phone when she was back in Minnesota visitin' her friends. It THINK it was last weekend.

How many pillows do you keep on your bed?
Pillows? I sleep with a pillow and I use Dad as a pillow, so ... two.

Main Course
Name one addition to your computer (software, hardware, etc.) that you'd love to have.
I'd like an instantaneous flashy thing that would allow photos to be uploaded from the camera to the computer in a kinda wi-fi way. Mom and Dad take tons of photos, but they don't manage to get them up onto the computer so that I can post 'em to my blog. That sucks.

What is your favorite foreign food?
I don't have a foreign favorite 'cuz I like ALL types of food. Oh, no ... wait! I like those bratwursts, but they give me horrible gas.

Friday, January 12, 2007

My First FRIDAY FEAST ever!

Friday Feast One Hundred & Twenty Six

What comes to mind when you see the color orange?
Um. "Orange," huh ... I'd have to say my "Hurl a Squirrel" toy that I love to tug away from Dad.

Did you ever get in trouble while you were in school? If so, what was it for?
I am ALWAYS in trouble because I don't follow instructions when I wanna do things my way. My aunt bought me "obedience" training at PetSmart for Christmas 2005 ... But I think that I may have ... selective amnesia.

Which topping(s) make up your perfect pizza?
I will eat almost ANYTHING on a pizza. Sweat sock? Yep. Lint? Sure. Green peppers? No ... Freaking ... Way.

Main Course
Do you believe in UFOs/aliens/etc.? Why or why not?
Everyone thinks that I'm an alien, so sure ... I have good self-esteem. I believe in myself wholeheartedly. Yep. Aliens EXIST!

What color is your bedspread/comforter/quilt?
Um. Is "fur-covered" a color?

How did they KNOW about the carpet?!?

Okay ... This is just TOO creepy! I went to find out my title in the canine aristocracy. All was well and good until I clicked the button and THIS came up!
My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Very Lord Shadow Saluki the Paragon of Piddletrenthide on the Carpet
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

How did they know that I piddled on the carpet?

Shadow Saluki, mystified woofie

Wheewwww ... I'm back!

Dad's been studyin' for his credentialing exam and hasn't had much time to let me on the computer to update my blog! I've been nudging him and cajoling him to no avail. Can you believe that I haven't been on the computer since CHRISTMAS??? Lots of stuff has happened since then ... I got to open my Secret Paws (photos in a future post(!)), I've been on walkies dozens of times, I've eaten stuff ... Lots to report, but I don't know where to start.

Let me think a bit and get things squared away ...

Shadow Saluki