Sunday, November 26, 2006

Props to my Mom and my Auntie!

Here's a humble "Shout Out" to my super Mom, and my super auntie.

My mom takes zillions of pix of me for Pixel Princess Creations (Her custom photo company ... that's still in the start-up phase of production). When she's not capturing images of the community (flowers, mountains, beaches, etc), she's having me pose for her.

I'm usually her muse ... and I have no problem sitting for her digi-cam. She always makes me look good.

Big smoochies for mama.

My auntie (DaisyMaeMaus and the Feline Americans' mom) also takes pix of me too ... so here's some big smoochies for her.

Smoochies all around.

Shadow Saluki, Canine-About-Town


daisymaemaus said...

Thanks for the smooches ... Make sure that you visit other sites in the blogosphere to get your face out there! Comments are how we show others that we appreciate their being out there and all of their fun and interesting posts!
DaisyMae Maus

brandi said...

Thanks for coming to my bloggie, but the comment got lost. I can't believe you are such a nice woofie, though. It is soo nice to have a furrefer home. I adopted my mama from a animal rescue place, too. I remember a cocker spaniel who had his own bandana, and he was very nice to us felines.

Shadow Saluki said...

You're most welcome Brandi. It's nice to know there are other woofies out there who are not biased about other species. I like everybody ... especially getting petted, and having my tummy tickled.

Take care, and have a super week Brandi.

Lux said...

Smooch back! DaisyMaeMaus sent me over to say hi - you look like a really nice fellow!


Anonymous said...

Daisy Mae Maus sent us! We have enjoyed reading your bloggie so far. We “lurk” a lot, ‘cause our mommie is too (lazy) busy to help us set up a bloggie. And, the big galoot has trouble sharing.

In decending size,
George, Miles, Cosmo, Ruby, Merlin, Dolly, and Cleo

Kimo & Sabi said...

Nice to meet ya Shadow! We learned about you from Rosie & Cheeto. Come by and visit us - we'll add you to our blogroll (your only the 2nd boggin doggie we know!)

kattonic said...

Daisy Mae sent us over. We don't gots a bloggie but we likes readin effuryone elses. Mom says she will get us a blog then doesn't do it, she says she's still busy. We think she's just lazy. Your a pretty doggie, our brofur doggie is tiny (6 lbs) and has white curly hairs. Welcome to the blogging world, Shadow, looking forward to reading more.+
Zippy, Sadie and Speedy. Oh and Teddy too...

THE ZOO said...

yoos a furry purretty woofie. wes has 2. we haded 4 woofies but 2 were very old (17) and died this year. so just the 2 woofies now an a herd of cats.***wavey***

Bogart said...

I can easily see how you can inspire your mom... you're so good looking!


Shadow Saluki said...

Hi Anonymous (George, Miles, Cosmo, Ruby, Merlin, Dolly, and Cleo ... thanks for the comments ... Daisy sure gets around (and I appreciate it so much). Keep lurking around ... and bug your mommie so that she'll hook you all up with your own bloggie.

Feel free to drop comments here, anytime. I love them.

Have an awesome week.


I sent you a comment Lux (I love your blog ... and all the really cool pix on it. They're awesome). Take care my very white kittie friend.


How! (I mean HI) Kimo&Sabi (Your names are really cool. And it's a pleasure for me to meet you too. Rosie and Cheeto are super).

I hope you all have a wonderful week... I've been busy chasing stuff in the yard and around the neighborhood (Just for fun 'though ... not to bite), and my mom and dad have been working alot, so my bloggin' and comments on other peeps blogs have been sort of non-existant. Dad's gonna help me out by the weekend, so if you guys don't see me lurking on your blogs ... know that I'm there in spirit.

Take care, and hope to see you again soon..


Hi Kattonic (And Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and Teddy too)thank you so much for the welcome and dropping by. You guys are cool.

Stop by anytime you like..


Gives a big hug to The ZOO... woofies and kitties oh my. *Grins*.

I'm sorry to hear that your brothers passed ... that is very sad ... I know they are in friendly heaven (where all the precious animals of the world go ... every one of them, for the Great Spirit doesn't exclude us ... we're always included).

Take care my friends, and give the family a big hug from me.

ShadowS. C.A.T

Grins big, smiling at Bogart. Thank you so much, my friend. You're one good looking woofie yourself, buddy.

Feel free to come by anytime.
Your friend,
ShadowS. C.A.T.


I know this is a long scroll blog comment, but I've been away from the computer for so long ... even 'though it was just a couple days ... but it seems like 4-eva.

I enjoy reading everyones' comments. And by Xmas, I should be able to comment on every blog that I visit ... with lots of kudos for everybuddy (kitties, woofies, ratties, birdies, and all the other beautiful animal friendlies in the cosmos).

Thank you so much, peeps ... you're very much appreciated here.

Big warm hugs and smoochies,
from Shadow Saluki, Canine-About-Town.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

hello! we're here from DaisyMae's blog. we don't have any woofie friends yet, and we're very glad to meet you.