Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ode to No More Left-Over Turkey!

by Shadow Saluki (a tribute to DaisyMae's Ode To Left-Over Turkey)

Left-over turkey: It still digests in my belly,
Oh, left-over turkey: I can no longer smell ye!
There's no more turkey in the fridge to take,
With no more left-over turkey, double stack sandwiches I can't make.
Left-over turkey, I want some on my plate,
But having left-over turkey on Sunday is too late.
I miss you, tasty left-over turkey, you were a blessing in disguise.
My left-over turkey was a darling treat for my eyes.
Oh left-over turkey, for you I still pine,
The last piece of turkey was planned to be mine.
What's this? Mom fished out a piece? Sad eyes, don't fail me now.
For that last piece of turkey, the best piece of turkey, it's time to howl!!!

Thanks Mom.

To see the Ode to Left-Over Turkey by DaisyMae Maus, go to DaisyMaeMaus and the Feline Americans

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Shadow Saluki said...

Looking at DaisyMae's "Ode to Left-Over Turkey" got me thinking. And when I'm thinking, my stomach is usually growlin' (whether I'm freshly fed or not).

So, after trapsing to the fridge to spy anything to nibble, I decided to spend time on my blog, and with visions of "Turkey" still in my head, my ode and tribute to No More Turkey was born.


Shadow Saluki, Canine-About-Town