Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm backkkkkk! (This is for all of you ... post here if ya wanna get lucky! :)

Greetings to All in the blogosphere ... (To all my friendly peeps who've been visiting and sharing their words of wisdom with me). Thank you!!

You all mean a lot to this humble k9 roving reporter. My humies (ya know, "humans") have been pretty busy this week, so dad and mom haven't helped me into my booster computer chair (and they neglected to spell check my paw scratches). I'm starting a wishlist ... #1, Shadow needs a P.D.A. so that I can update my blog at my convenience.

I know I'm dreaming ... but it would sure make it easier for me to get connected on a daily basis. Or maybe Dad could let me use his "blue tooth" phone so that I could bark my thoughts to him while he's at work. Oh well, I'm still shackled to my mini-notepad. I look like the old reporters with the "press" hats and the pint-sized 3x5 card pads-of-paper ... except I haven't acquired an offical press hat yet, so maybe that should be wish #dos (Yes, Shadow's a little bilingual ... uh, that's 2 for those not in the know. Grins and chuckles).

I do admire the journalists, especially the advice column officianados. Luckily, I get to mimic them here, on the blogosphere. My principle mantra is "Believe in yourself." Many humies have said it, and I'm sure us aminals .. (Sorry typed a little dyslexic there .. *grinning because I can spell that word, and I know what it is, too*) believe it more than them.

So, believe in yourself, peeps! Because I do. If the governmental numb-skulls would quit playing in the sandbox trying to grab all the oil with their greedy mitts, and started getting "more" environmentally conscious ... like us (and I mean that as a sincere hug to all my blogging buddies out there. You guys and gals ... and affectionate "its" for those who like that affirmation), are promoting such warmth that President Bushie should take notice. We vote with our hearts and we get things done.

... Shadow slips off of his soapbox, smiling bashfully in a mock Urkle "Did I do that?"

It's that time of season. Snowflakes are spinning in the wind, swirling around the week, ready for the grand birthday to come. I'm a spiritual kind of Saluki, which reminds me of Wish #3. World peace!

I've had my rabies shots, and I'm not a carrier of bird-flu or madcow ... just the victim of a semi-frequent runny nose.

Dang... I must run, folks ... Dad wants a walkie. I hope to come back to this rambling, and add to it soon ... I was feeling sort of "into the moment," as it were.

Visit my blog often, peeps. (Maybe give me a squeeze, and let me know if I should continue this rant, or scrap the soapbox). My intention of this post, was to give everyone that wants to, a post for you all to comment on ... specifically for you. "I'm backkkkk!" was meant to be somewhat funny, kind of a postcard of sorts where y'all can drop notes to me...or maybe just give me happy tickles here on this very post.

And I'll respond back in kind.

Hear dad shaking the leash, and my head is saying "Oh boy, oh goodie..." but one last thing before I sign off ... I'm gonna have to make a "I'm visiting" post soon, too ... and say where I'm exploring, namely other blogs and such, of peeps I think are the shizzle-nittle (Was going to bite Snoop's "Shiz-nit" but that's so 5 barks ago). Snoop used that phrase as an endearment ... and I am too. I'm amazed that blogging and commenting can seem so omnipresent. Wow.

Thank you.

P.s. I hope I didn't scare anybody. Shadow gets a little fruit-cakie when his bladder hasn't been relieved. Now I have to go meet and greet the neighborhood bushes and trees.



See ya.

Shadow, C to the A to the T, all covered in smoochies.


DaisyMae Maus said...

Wow ... Someone ate his Wheaties! Hey, Shadow ... Be sure to tell your dad "Happy Birthday" from the Feline Americans and me ... Between our mom and your dad, things have been mighty "birthday cake-y" in our neck of the woods.
DaisyMae Maus
(or is it Daisy-to-the-Mae with an M-A-U-S fo' shizzle??)

tonis_got_webbed_feet said...

Happy Birthday, James! I hope Shadow helps you celebrate well!

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Happy Birthday to your dad! What did you do to celebrate the occasion?


Rosie & Cheeto said...

We hope yer dad had a wondurful burthday. Maybe yoo shuld give him some of yer kibble or purrhaps a bone!?!?

Yer wishlist is grate. Yoo need a PDA and yoo shuld always have a cul hat to whare!

We are going to ask owr lady about the soap box. That sownds like a fun place to hang owt.