Sunday, November 26, 2006

Shadow's Theme

by ShadowSaluki, Canine-About-Town (with three cheers to the Brady Bunch TV show)

Here's a story,
Of a handsome mid-sized Saluki
Who was living in an El Cajon animal shelter (by himself)
His kennel was empty,
Save for a photo,
He was in the front office, (hoping to be adopted).

It's the story,
Of a couple named James and Lori,
Who were hoping to adopt a furry friend
They were a delightful fun-loving pair
Living all together
But they were still alone

'Til one day when the lady had an idea
"Honey, let's add on to the family, please"
They checked out all the adoption agencies,
And found that Saluki photo ... (signed papers, and brought Shadow home)
Now Shadow's Ours
Now Shadow's Ours
And we feel very much complete.


Cheysuli said...

Welcome Shadow. I hear that you are sad because you don't have many links or comments. I can only say that it took me a very long time to build up my links and commentary. In fact, no one commented on my blog for months! I think you're doing great.

Shadow Saluki said...

Thank you Cheysuli (hugs). Welcome to my blog.

I'm happy to say that I'm no longer sad. Lots of peeps (mostly meows 'though) have been welcoming me to the blogosphere. And that's the best cure for sadness.

Please feel free to drop by my blog, anytime.

Linda T. said...

Shadow, please don't be sad! Our Sadie has a crush on you since you were her Secret Paw! She is quite the catch, even if we do say so ourselves!