Saturday, December 23, 2006

My best friend Kesey got the Secret Paws that I sent!

I'm waggin' my tail right now because I found out that my best friend Kesey got the Secret Paws package that I sent to him. There's a lot of great stuff inside. I followed the directions very carefully and made sure that I got all of his favorite things!

Kesey ... Have a furry great Christmas! Enjoy all of those Secret Paws goodies!
Your best friend,
Shadow Saluki

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Kesey said...

Thank you so much! There were so many wonderful things in the box. I wore the bandana all day! Mommy & Daddy were shocked because I would never wear one before. I told them it was because I never had one so nice! I had to have one of the Natural Balance sausage thingies right away. I never had anything like that before. It was awesome! As soon as we get the pictures out of the camera we'll post to the kitties' blog. Thank you so much!