Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's a "done deal"

Today, March 28, 2009, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon ... my dad an' mom finally got married.  But they didn't save me a piece of cake.  Sigh.

Goin' to the chapel an' they're gonna get married ...

Today is a special day ... My dad an' mom are getting married.  They've been together longer than I've been alive, but they've chosen today to exchange rings an' pledge vows to "love, honor an' cherish" as long as they both shall live.  I'm furry excited, but I've been told that the slip of paper doesn't make things all that different.  We'll see ... I'll bet that things will be different now that everything is "legal" ...

Congratulations to my parents!
Bark, bark from Shadow Saluki

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to my dad ...

Golly ... It's been MORE THAN A YEAR since Dad last let me blog. Pitiful.

Well, I'm here today an' I'm wishin' my dad a Happy 38th Birthday 'cuz it's today. I'll also wish a Happy Birthday to my cousins' momma ...
Zoey an' the Furballs' momma was born on my dad's birthday (she's a tad younger than Dad).

DaisyMae Maus's mom ... my Aunt Jessica ... is three years an' three days older than my dad.  She got him a movie ticket package an' a bunch of money for his birthday 'cuz my dad is a "student teacher" right now an' is workin' for free until the end of January '09.  Then ... he can finally get employed with his very on students.  EVERYONE is lookin' forward to this day!

Until next time ... Party on, doods an' doodettes!
Shadow Saluki

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Night Before Turkey ...

The Night Before Turkey,
and all through the house ...
Mom and Grandma are cookin'
and I'm buggin' about.

My sniffer's on overload
There's food to be smelled,
I can't help it if Turkey-Day's
only a day away.

By golly I need food
or I'll just melt away.
Turkey, and gravy
Mashed potatoes
Carrots and corn
And another growl from my belly.

Mom's got side dishes galore,
and all they're preparing,
Right now for me?
Hmmmmm ... just dad's favorite
KeyLimePie yogurt, and a Mary-Chino Cherry.

--- Don't I look nifty sportin' my muzzle and ball-cap? Dad took me to a local ballgame, and I got to watch two teams of kids smash each other on a football field.
And peeps in the stands didn't "shush" me when I started to bark at the ref.

Matter-of-fact, I got "high fives" from the peeps behind Dad and me ... and some dude Dad knows gave me half of his ballpark Frank. MMMMmmmmm, half of a chilidog is better than none, you know. I gave him a big mustard and ketchup grin, and a big kiss.

You know, I almost jumped onto the field to bite the ref for another "bad call", but Dad kept me tethered. Shucks!

Better luck next time.

Shadow, C-A-T!